Fujikura Ventus 2024 Wood Shaft

The evolution of one of the winningest and highest performance shafts in Fujikura history has arrived. The all-new 2024 VENTUS is enhanced with new VeloCore+ technology and advanced material designs to offer players even greater performance results than its predecessor.

Fujikura Daytona Speeder X

An ultra-premium model offering a smooth feeling profile that helps increase carry distance and performance.

Daytona Speeder was created as part of our mission to produce a high-performance product that utilized the latest in premium materials to help create incredible ball speeds.
It has been a successful and well-received product in the market since its introduction in March of 2019.
Daytona Speeder X continues to utilize these premium materials to help players generate higher ball speeds,
but also features a mid-high kick point to promote more stability and optimized carry distance.


Fujikura TRAVIL Iron

The ultimate shaft was selected by domestic male and female Tour players based on feel and performance numbers.
Composite technology, possible only at Fujikura, enables “aim for the green and stop”.


How do tour pros stop the ball on the green? This is the question that started the development of this product.

The courses where PGA and national tour players are competing are supposed to have fast greens. . .
The effects of spin control and ball launch height have long been mentioned.
However, with the recent development of measuring instruments, there was one more thing that became clear.

ราคาก้านไม้กอล์ฟ 2024

จำหน่ายก้านไม้กอล์ฟแบรนด์ชั้นนำ อาทิ Fujikura, Graphite Design (Tour AD), KBS, NS Pro, Aerotech รวมทั้ง WINN และ Golf Pride Grip 

ก้านไม้กอล์ฟ เรามี stock เกือบทุกรุ่น ทุก Flex ครับ สอบถาม ทักไลน์ มาคุยกันก่อนได้เลย

จัดส่งสินค้า จันทร์-เสาร์ ทาง EMS หรือ Kerry ปิดรับ Order ก่อน 11:30 น.  Line: @golfshafts


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Update: 26/5/2024

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